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How to increase session timeout in Liferay?

To increase session timeout in Liferay DXP, you need to adjust the session timeout settings in the file and the web.xml file. Here’s how you can do it: 1. Update the file 2. Update the web.xml file 3. Restart Liferay After making these changes, you will need to restart your Liferay server for […]

How to deploy client extension in Liferay?

To deploy client extension in liferay follow these steps: This will deploy the theme-css client extension in Liferay. Make sure to replace theme-css with the name of your client extension if it’s different. Read More: Mastering Front-End Client Extensions in Liferay DXP

How can I embed a widget in another widget template in Liferay?

You can embed a widget in another widget template in Liferay by using the liferay_portlet[“runtime”] macro. Here’s an example of how you can do this: In the above code, replace <%=innerWidgetPortletId%> with the actual portlet ID of the inner widget. For example, if you’re embedding the Sort Portlet, your code would look like this: This will embed the Sort […]

How to Configure Liferay Tomcat to Start on Ubuntu Server Boot Automatically?

To ensure that your Liferay Tomcat server starts automatically when your Ubuntu server boots, you can use the @reboot attribute in the crontab. Here’s how you can set it up: Now, every time your Ubuntu server restarts, the Liferay Tomcat server will start automatically, ensuring that your web applications are always available.

How to find the jar version in gogo shell in Liferay?

To find the JAR version in Gogo Shell within Liferay, you can follow these steps: Remember that the Gogo Shell provides various commands for managing bundles, services, and components in Liferay. Feel free to explore other gogo shell commands as needed! 🚀

How to Change the Session Timeout in Liferay?

To change the Session timeout in liferay for logged-in users, you have a couple of options: Remember to restart your Liferay server after making any changes to apply the new session timeout settings.

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