How to Change the Session Timeout in Liferay?

To change the Session timeout in liferay for logged-in users, you have a couple of options:

  1. Override web.xml in Deployed Liferay Portal Web App:
    • Locate the web.xml file in your deployed Liferay Portal web application (usually found at LIFERAY_HOME/tomcat/webapps/WEB-INF/web.xml).
    • Update the session timeout value within the <session-config> element. For example, if you want an 8-hour session timeout, set it to 480 minutes
    • Save the changes.
  2. Modify the File:
    • You can manually adjust the session timeout property by adding the following line to your file:
      Replace X with the desired timeout value in minutes.
    • Additionally, there is a session timeout portal property that can be set in, but it’s usually overridden by the value set in web.xml.

Remember to restart your Liferay server after making any changes to apply the new session timeout settings.

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