How can I embed a widget in another widget template in Liferay?

Author: Ajay Choudhary

Liferay Version: 7.4

You can embed a widget in another widget template in Liferay by using the liferay_portlet["runtime"] macro. Here’s an example of how you can do this:


In the above code, replace <%=innerWidgetPortletId%> with the actual portlet ID of the inner widget. For example, if you’re embedding the Sort Portlet, your code would look like this:


This will embed the Sort Portlet within your widget template. Remember to replace "search_result_sort" and "com_liferay_portal_search_web_internal_sort_portlet_SortPortlet_INSTANCE_nndp_sortSelection" with your actual instance ID and portlet name, respectively.

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