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How to deploy client extension in Liferay?

To deploy client extension in liferay follow these steps: This will deploy the theme-css client extension in Liferay. Make sure to replace theme-css with the name of your client extension if it’s different. Read More: Mastering Front-End Client Extensions in Liferay DXP

How can I embed a widget in another widget template in Liferay?

You can embed a widget in another widget template in Liferay by using the liferay_portlet[“runtime”] macro. Here’s an example of how you can do this: In the above code, replace <%=innerWidgetPortletId%> with the actual portlet ID of the inner widget. For example, if you’re embedding the Sort Portlet, your code would look like this: This will embed the Sort […]

What is the default jQuery version used in Liferay?

The default jQuery version used in Liferay DXP can vary depending on the specific version and any applied fix packs. Here are some details: Also Read: How to enable Jquery in Liferay Type jQuery.fn.jquery or $.fn.jquery in the browser console to display the current jQuery version in Liferay.

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